Upcycle your Grounds

Branding + User Journey + Campaign

By beginning a small step of composting, a larger impact and a greater introduction into proper disposal of natural materials is established. In an effort to assist individuals, Grounds is an organization to encourage at home and coffee houses to repurpose their coffee grounds. Throughout the project branding is established, extensive user experience and strategey is performed, and a marketing campaign is created.


User Experience

For a creative plan to be successful, a drastic consideration of the user is important. In this instance a look at the User Journey is performed (above) and characteristics of personas is demonstrated (below.)

Concept + Branding

Logo Design + Development

When debating the proper shapes of the logo design, I felt greatly inspired by natural coffee shapes. First in analyzing the coffee bean, then in the coffee mug, then in the shapes of coffee spills. The round shape was to develop a reference to the circle of impact the program emphasizes. The shape was then further developed to an organic circle, allowing the shapes of spilled coffee mug rims, and layers of fields to be interrupted by the viewer. Hands were included as well to incorporate the interaction held by individuals participating in the program and how greatly their help is appreciated.

Final Logo + Type

Primary Patterns

Branding Materials


Campaign + Advertising

Social Media


Traditional Advertising

Coffee Talks

Coffee Talks are essentially events in collaborations with sponsors and endorsers of the grounds upcycle program. At these events various topics related to coffee, the environment, and caring for plants will be covered. Some may be based on influential people, workshop activities, or educational opportunities. The goal is to create more of a connection within the program, as well as with the partnered brands and the community.



Motion Graphic