The Brand Lab

Additional Contributors:

Anna Servatius, Designer

Sam Herriges, Copywriter 

Grayson DeWolfe, Production Artist

Diversity in the workplace is something maybe talked about, but rarely executed to improve; especially in the advertising and marketing community. The goal of this project was to create a strategy and deliverables to help assist The Brand Lab in this process. With intentions of raising more than past Give To The Max Day (GTMD) and also establish loyal customers while expanding the target demographic. The solution? This problem is too small to ignore.

Advertising Campaign 


As The Brand Lab already has established color guides, we wanted to compliment the already existing colors while adding powerful new additions. Focusing on geometric patterns and clear typography expressions, makes up the campaign direction.

Paid Media

Utilize Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube platforms



Curated graphics and language



Goal: Target the demographic in key areas where they are already present with dates leading up to the GTMD.

Organic Media

Utilize Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin platforms.



Consistent branding and aesthetic



Goal: Show brand messaging and formatting across all areas, while informing The Brand Lab followers


Instagram Stories

Linkedin Posts

Loyalty Program

Restructure email messaging



Customize design and language



Goal: Provide additional stories, information, and opportunities for donating to already loyal supporters

Out in the Agencies

Tangible Material for current and potential supporters



Thank you card / desk drop, Coffee Cups, Coasters, and Buttons



Goal: Provide real material in agency settings to continue exposure in the environment able to help the change